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The 2016 Baseball season is about to begin!  Granada Little League 11 year olds await their turn to show their talents in the tryouts.  Opening day will be Saturday March 5.The first team practices of the year for Granada Little League took place on February 6.  Shown here is a Majors team warming up.  Opening day is Saturday, March 5th.Spring Training continues at Granada Little League.  Shown is a AAA team practicing.  The throw from center field sails several feet over the 2nd baseman’s head.  One of the coaches (not shown) was plThe Granada Little Leaguers continue to prepare for the start of the season.  In the photo, the Major’s A’s and Cardinals play a scrimmage game.  The bases are loaded with one out, so the A’s infieldeSaturday was Field Day at Granada Little League as Spring Training was wrapping up.  Shown are a group of youth with rakes, brooms, and shovels about to go to work on Field 3.  Either that, or they weAny volunteers to play First Base?  The Granada Little League Opening Day was postponed until March 19 due to rain.  Games will proceed as weather permits, but all opening day games were cancelled.  SCarter March of the Twins receives the throw  as Tyler Eaton of the Red Sox slides into 2nd base on a steal attempt. Tyler was safe, just beating the tag.  This took place during a Granada Little LeagSecond Baseman Colin Johnston makes a running catch on a pop fly in shallow right field.  This took place during a Granada Little League game between the Red Sox and the Diamondbacks in the Majors divSean Epps of the Twins slides under the tag of Ethan Yen of the Angels in a close play while stealing 3rd base.  This occurred during a Granada Little League game in the AAA division.Stephen Geyer attempts to score from 1st base on a hit to deep right field.  Catcher Mikian Pickerill is receiving the throw and was able to tag him out.  This took place in Granada Little League MajoDanny Schaecher of the Angels tries to avoid the tag of second baseman Vinny Carbonaro of the Rockies in Granada Little League AAA action.Pitcher Justin Gilliam prepares to throw the ball to first as Antonio Rivalie races down the line and catcher Mikey Christian looks on.  This took place in a Granada Little League game between the CarChase Nadeau scores from 2nd base just ahead of the tag by Luke Anderson on a base hit.  This took place in a game between the AAA Twins and Orioles in Granada Little League action.Pitcher Neil Shaw flips the ball to the catcher with his glove following a bunt as Andrew McKeever attempts to score from third base.  Andrew was out at the plate on a close play.  This took place inJacob Sanchez of the Twins catches the throw from the 2nd baseman and is about to make the tag on Parker Warner of the Rockies in Granada Little League AAA division action.  Parker was able to beat thJason Krakoski hits a grand slam home run for the Twins in a Granada Little League Major’s division game as part of a 12 run inning.  The photo catches the moment of impact as the ball is compressed aThe Playoffs have started at Granada Little League.  Mikey Christian is about to tag Alex Clouser out at the plate in a Majors playoff game between the Cardinals and the Rockies.  The play begin withDown to their last strike.  Stephen Geyer, on a count of 1-2, gets a base hit to right field with 2 outs in the 6th inning and the bases loaded.  This knocked in the two tying runs in a Rockies comeba

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